Dmoz Sucks is a website dedicated to discussing the short-comings of the open directory project and the horrible attitudes of its editors.
We're here to also counteract the egotistic Editors of the directory and their none-sense comments expressed at their public forum., Dmoz Sucks - The Closed Directory Project! Dmoz Sucks Web Forums Dmoz Sucks Blog Dmoz Sucks Directory of Directories Free Search Engine Submission Service   
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We created this website after feeling the need to interact with other webmasters concerning Dmoz and its effect on websites whether positive or negative. There was a need for a website free from the control of Dmoz editors and where webmasters can stay anonymous if they choose to, while discussing, criticizing, exposing, venting, complaining, and helping each other deal with Dmoz and its effects on their websites. One of the driving points to creating this website was seeing how egotistic and uncaring Editors can be in their attitudes and their explanations (or the lack of it) of important issues to webmasters.
The understanding that the directory is free, "open", and volunteer driven that exist to serve the online community is not the full story. There are a lot of implications and issues involved that can directly affect websites and therefore the livelihood of a lot of people. these issues need to be discussed freely.
We will be adding more related content and hope more webmasters and concerned net users join us here and freely voice their concerns and frustrations and maybe at the mean time find some help and guidance in promoting their websites. We hope that you register for the web forums keep checking back as we are still building this website and we are adding a lot of valuable content that most webmasters will find very helpful.

    Come join our Army of worthless lazzzy Editors. Our Fat and Lazzy Lizard
Obligatory Disclaimer (As if we had to tell you): We at are in no way associated with nor indorsed by Dmoz or Netscape. [Full Disclaimer] and the open directory project is owned and copyrighted © 1998-2005 by Netscape.
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