International Real Estate on the Rise

An increasing trend across Canada and the USA is the amount of the overall sales volume for real estate being credited to foreign investors. In the US alone international buyers accounted for $156 million while China led that number with 49% of all foreign investors coming out of that country.

Furthermore it is typical for realtors to favor international buyers if not only because they are commonly well off and high net-worth people looking to diversify their portfolio.

Latin America including Central and South America are witnessing a bit of a slow in investors from the US and Canada. It is speculated that this is from a decrease in investor security throughout Latin America.

However one country always a fan-favorite is Costa Rica.

Gina_Briguglio Costa Rica real estateCosta Rica a democratic peaceful country without a military that over the years has marketed big dollars to attracting foreign investors to the country. Home prices there are still much more affordable than both the US and Canada and even more so to build custom homes.

“Although the previous two years we saw a bit of a depression in real estate sales volume, 2018 is off to a great start and we are anticipating a good year with higher numbers than previous years.” said Costa Rica real estate agent Gina Briguglio.

That being said there are a number of downsides to focusing on international buyers including cultural differences, financial exchange and language to name a few. But normally a foreign buyer will have the majority of these issues thought out and handled in advance of investing in any country outside their own.

Look at this from 10,000 feet from a world perspective…any realtor would be well advised to at the very least consider, dealing with and focusing on attracting foreign buyers to their markets of service if they hope to increase their bottom line.

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